The city of ‘Chronopolis’ served as the setting for the entire 3rd act of the movie ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’. As Kang’s stronghold, Chronopolis is a futuristic metropolis that blends functional, militaristic fortification with disordered, gravity-defying sprawl. Surrounded on all sides by wormholes that serve as access points to other worlds, it became a unique technical and creative challenge. SPI was tasked with building this environment in a way that could convey the vastness of the landscape whilst simultaneously enabling it to be shared with various other studios around the globe. This required various novel and creative solutions for both the primary look and build of the main city as well as the broader landscape of sprawl, concentric roads and wormholes. This talk will outline some of the interesting challenges of production from various SPI departments along with detailing many of the more interesting solutions to this challenge.