LED volume virtual production brings its own unique set of challenges that differ from typical applications of real-time rendering. ILM StageCraft is a complete suite of virtual production tools that incorporates powerful off-the-shelf systems, such as Unreal, with proprietary solutions that allow us to overcome these challenges — always with the goal of using the very best tool for the job. To meet the most demanding requirements for The Mandalorian season 2 and beyond, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) developed and augmented proprietary technology solutions in StageCraft 2.0, including a new real-time rendering engine, Helios, and a collection of interactive tools that give filmmakers the freedom, creative feedback, and real-time control to make immediate adjustments on set. Powered by ILM’s award-winning set of tools focused on rendering, lighting, and color, creatives can achieve their desired looks and goals without having to wait for traditional post-production or DI to take place.